About Us

David C. Drake
David C. Drake, Founder and Lead Game Designer

Golden Drake Studios is an independent game development company specializing in roleplaying, adventure, and educational games. We were founded on July 14, 2014, by David C. Drake, a freelance game designer, programmer, and writer who continues to do the bulk of our work to this day, the rest being done by various artists and animators on a contractual basis.

Golden DrakeOur work ethic and design philosophy are inspired by our namesake: the Golden Drake.

Like the mythical drake, we are small and agile yet possessed of a strength and potency to rival many of the gaming industry’s larger dragons. We soar to great heights and delve to great depths, squeezing deftly into niches larger dragons overlook. Every challenge we face is greeted boldly with tooth, claw, and a breath of fire!

Like the precious metal gold, our design schemes are malleable and flexible, yet stable and enduring. Our games, carefully crafted and lovingly polished, are works of art, shining with a rare and enchanting beauty. Gold has long served as a symbol of exceptional quality, status, and achievement and that is the spirit we carry into all that we do.

Our core values:

  • We respect player freedom by providing a plethora of options and many different ways of responding to in-game situations as well as by avoiding DRM, internet connectivity requirements, etc.
  • We respect player intelligence, not only through challenging puzzles, thought-provoking settings, and fascinating narratives, but also through complex systems the player can manipulate in creative ways, thus leading to emergent effects we never anticipated.
  • We strive to educate and inspire without sacrificing enjoyment.
  • We believe games should be a force for good in the world, not only by offering entertainment and respite from life’s troubles, but also by raising awareness of important issues and encouraging positive personal and societal change.

Above all, we hope you’ll enjoy our games and that your life will be truly enriched by them. To earn access to our upcoming games, become one of our supporters through Patreon today!