Ramping Up

Today marks the end of our fourth year as a studio. We’ve been working, slowly but surely, on Adventures Unending and other projects and an update is long overdue. Nonetheless, we must regretfully report that, at this point, we still have precious little that we’re willing to present to outside eyes.

You see, we aren’t just indie, folks. We’re thoroughly indie. Quintessentially indie. We are the indiest of indie studios! Okay, that’s silly, but my point is, we all have day jobs, lives, and other interests besides game development that consume much of our time. Sure, we would’ve loved to work full-time exclusively on our own projects throughout these last few years, but that wasn’t in the cards.

We are reaching a point of critical mass, however. Things are starting to come together, resources are accumulating, and the amount of time we can devote to our indie game development projects is increasing. For this reason, over the next several months you can expect to start (finally) seeing screenshots, videos, and other evidence that, yes, we are in fact creating something interesting. As this occurs, we’ll welcome your feedback as we strive to produce enjoyable, immersive experiences worthy of your time and attention. In the meantime, please continue to be patient and, if you haven’t already, follow us on social media to ensure you see future updates.