Our First Year (and a Half)

On this New Year’s Day, we find ourselves reflecting on the last year and a half since Golden Drake Studios was founded, on where we came from and where we’re going. As a small indie studio taking its first steps in the vast, complicated world of game development, our accomplishments thus far have been quite humble. Nonetheless, we are proud of our work, our passion remains as strong as it was on day one, and we can just make out a faint glimmer of greatness on the horizon.

So, what exactly have we been up to? First of all, a lot of our time has been devoted to diligent study of the art, science, and business of game development. We’re new to this industry and want to make a great first impression, so we’re putting in the time to master our craft and ensure we do the best we can. Several game engines and development tools have caught our eye, from the powerful Unreal Engine to the nostalgia-inducing RPG Maker, but it’s the Unity game development platform that’s impressed us the most overall and received the bulk of our attention (including their experimental Linux build). In addition, we’ve continued to study the fundamentals of game, level, and quest design and recently got around to creating our official logo. Last but not least, we’ve completed preliminary design work on a handful of games and are moving forward with what will be, perhaps as early as next winter, our first official release: Adventures Unending.

We’re eager to work hard through 2016 and beyond, ambitiously crafting many worlds worth exploring. We invite you to join us on this journey by following our dev blog, playtesting our early access builds, and providing constructive feedback. If you’re an artist or animator, get in touch with us and you may even contribute directly as a member of the GDS team. Above all, we look forward to releasing a variety of successful games, carving out our niche, and earning our place as a respected game development studio!